A group of volunteers who spent their Saturday afternoon giving Ventnor Football Club a spruce up have been fined £100 each after they claim a disgruntled dog walker reported them to the authorities.

With no Saturday action on the pitch, volunteers decided to make use of their time by picking up a paint brush to redecorate part of the clubhouse.

However, the gesture of goodwill has cost each of them £100 after the Police were called by a concerned member of the public.

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Although socially distanced – with 6 people in a 200sqm building – and undertaking volunteering, Police have said that the work being carried out was not essential maintenance and therefore does not qualify as being permitted under the coronavirus regulations.

Taking to social media, one of the group has said:

“If you walk your dog up Ventnor Football Club and think it’s okay to report people that are volunteering their free time to paint the football club to the police, please never walk your dog up there again!”

The fines are expected to be appealed but in the meantime a Go Fund Me fundraiser has been created to help the 6 pay their fines totalling £600. If their appeal is successful, the money will be donated to the club instead. You can find the fundraiser at https://www.gofundme.com/f/ventnor-football-club.

Earlier today Island Echo reported that Police were moving along Islanders enjoying the sunshine in Shanklin.

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