Bembridge Coastguard Rescue Team

Bembridge Coastguard Rescue Team members were called into action after a 42ft sailing yacht ran aground on Ryde Sands this afternoon (Sunday).

The team was tasked alongside Ryde Inshore Rescue by HM Coastguard to assist the vessel named ‘Pebbles’ and its crew at just after 14:30 after declaring a MAYDAY.

Ryde sands is a well-known spot for mariners to run aground as those unfamiliar with the area underestimate the shallow depth of the water and how far offshore the banks extend to at low tide.

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Coastguards extracted 2 casualties from the vessel, with the skipper choosing to remain on board to wait for the boat to re-float naturally on the incoming tide.

Members of Bembridge Coastguard Rescue Team have been keeping a watch of the sailing boat as the tide comes in to ensure the skippers’ safety.

UPDATE @ 22:15 – The stricken yacht has been towed to the mainland at high tide by Ryde Inshore Rescue volunteers.

Ryde Rescue 1 met Hillhead Coastguard Rescue Team at Haslar Marina in Gosport where they greeted the yacht, which has since been moored and the skipper is safely ashore.

After nearly 7 hours since the initial tasking at 14:35, Ryde Inshore Rescue teams are now standing down from the incident having returned back to their home station at Appley a short while ago.

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The 42ft sailing yacht, ‘Pebbles’, being towed into Haslar Marina in Gosport by Ryde Rescue 1. Photo: Hillhead Coastguard Rescue Team

UPDATE @ 22:40 – Hillhead Coastguard Rescue Team says the 42ft sailing vessel is secured alongside Haslar Marina and has been checked over for water ingress.

All the casualties are safe and teams are back on standby for their next shout.

Photo: Ryde Inshore Rescue

If you or someone else is in difficulty on the coast or at sea, or if you spot what you think may be unexploded ordnance, then dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard. Further safety information can be found at https://coastguardsafety.campaign.gov.uk/.

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