Toyota seized after new owner fails to tax it

POLICE seized a car on behalf of the DVLA this afternoon (Thursday) after finding it had no road tax.

The vehicle, a Toyota, had recently been sold, but the new owner had not taxed it. 

Road tax has not been transferable between owners of a car since new rules came into force in 2014. These put an end to the issuing of tax discs and allowed sellers to get a full refund on the sold car’s remaining months’ tax.

A spokesperson for the Isle of Wight Police said: “In Sandown this afternoon (we) seized a car on behalf of the DVLA where the rules had not been followed.

“When you buy a second hand car, the seller transfers the ownership of the car online or by post using the V5C document and informs the DVLA that you are the new registered keeper of the vehicle.

“Since you are the new keeper of the car, it’s your legal obligation to tax and insure the car before you start driving it.

“Any road tax payments made by the seller for the forthcoming months before you bought the car are not transferable.”

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