In an incident reminiscent of an episode of Keeping Up Appearances, a resident of a quiet street in Shanklin has been car shamed by a neighbour by way of a letter placed on her windscreen.

In an apparently unprovoked move, Littlestairs Road’s answer to Mrs Bucket (pronounced Bouquet, of course!) left the note on the resident’s car, complaining that the Skoda didn’t fit in with the other vehicles in the area, and its presence left the area looking ‘like Beirut’.

Posting the ordeal on Facebook, Julia – the owner of the vehicle, who recently stood in the local elections for the Green Party in the Central Rural ward – expressed her dismay over the note, which read:

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‘I hope you don’t mind, but would you kindly not park your vehicle on this road please? This is a nice respectable road and it now looks like Beirut.

‘WE don’t drive such vehicles so perhaps you could in future park it somewhere more appropriate. Like the DUMP!’

Despite the nasty nature of the note, Julia seems to have taken the note in good spirits, commenting:

“Because my car isn’t a show off Range Rover or some other 4×4 for popping the kids to & from school…

“Can all my Island friends with slightly rougher, but much loved looking vehicles pop over to Littlestairs Rd in Shanklin and give these t*****s a taste of what Beirut might look like?

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“On the other hand, it has to be one of the strangest/funniest notes I’ve ever had put on my windscreen.”

It is not known whether the placing of the note was politically motivated, and it remains unknown as to who sent the letter, but Julia says she has no plans to move her vehicle.

Support for Julia and her trusty Skoda has rolled in on the post, with some posting suggestions of action Julia could take as a retaliation method, including placing a scrap car on her driveway to add to the scene, and many commenters have even offered to park their worse for wear cars there in solidarity.

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