Revised proposals have been submitted for the West Acre Park development in Ryde — extending the public consultation period.

Altered plans have been submitted by Captiva Homes, the applicants behind the development, to the Isle of Wight Council, responding to comments and concerns from statutory consultees.

According to planning agent, David Long, from BCM, the new plans have taken into account comments from Island Roads regarding the carriageway and footpath designs as well as site junctions.

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Some of the houses in Phase D of the development have also been relocated to Phase B as they were potentially at risk in a Flood Zone, identified by the Environment Agency. This has added more area to public open space.

Design requests have also been adhered to, which include lowering the roof of the doctor’s surgery, landscaping to boundaries and ‘minor revisions’ to house type elevation, fenestrations and footprint positions.

A spokesperson for Captiva Homes said:

“We understand and welcome requests for more information throughout the planning process. Not only to ensure the risk to people and property is minimised but it also shows our planning process within our own local community is a fair one.

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“We have had dialogue with the Woodland Trust, Natural England, the Environment Agency and Hampshire Police Authority, together with the case officer, and having taken all their comments on board we have made a number of amendments and improvements to the application.”

Comments on the application can now be submitted until 4th December with planning permission determined at a later date. To view the revised plans (20/01061/FUL), you can visit the Isle of Wight Council’s planning portal.

The landowners at Westridge Farm have recently written an open letter to Isle of Wight Council members explaining their side of the story, following media coverage of the farming family who are set to lose their business should the application be granted. The Holliday family have rejected an offer of £800,000 to move out of the land which they don’t own.

Captiva Homes, acting as Westridge Village (IOW) for this development, has said it is sympathetic to the situation of the farmer, Nigel Holliday, and his family, who may be leaving the land they have rented for many years.

The spokesperson said:

“The landowner has chosen to sell the farm and part of the site was proposed as suitable for housing development by the Isle of Wight Council in 2013.

“The team at Captiva Homes, as local people, felt a commitment to exploring this opportunity to ensure maximum protection and responsible development of the land by Islanders who care about our community.

“Unlike many other housebuilders, we are proposing a low-density scheme and we are also extremely passionate about working with local suppliers and trades to ensure maximum investment into the local community.

“We are also very aware of the critical need for new housing especially affordable housing on the Island and if approved West Acre Park will provide 166 affordable homes to local residents in need.”

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