Pyle Street Newport to lose Co-op and Post Office today

Newport’s Pyle Street Co-operative store will close today (Saturday).

It means redundancies for those who work there and leaves the town centre without a post office.

Meanwhile, Newport’s Congregational Church has tweeted its sadness over the branch closure. 

It had been supporting vulnerable Islanders by donating unsold food.

The church said: “We started collecting food from them on 6/8/18 and every night since. They have blessed hundreds of people with food destined for the bin! We will miss you.”

In response, a spokeperson for the store said they hoped another supermarket would step up to continue their work.

In a statement in November, a Co-op spokesperson, said: “The Co-op is moving forward with a clear purpose and momentum and while this often involves opening new stores, we also have to take difficult decisions and review our existing sites and how they support our goals of creating a compelling offer for communities, viably and conveniently. 

“The decision is in no way a reflection on the hard work and commitment of colleagues, who have been informed and are being fully supported. We would like to thank the community for its support over the years.”

A spokesperson for the Post Office said: “We received a resignation for the operator for Newport Post Office, which will take effect in February. 

“The Co-operative says it continues to look for new community sites on the Isle of Wight.”

The post office closes at 1pm today.

As the County Press reported last month, a search for alternative premises has so far failed to secure a new location.

The post office says there are alternatives at Pan, Carisbrooke and Gunville, however with lockdown restrictions and a ‘stay at home’ requirement issued by the government, it leaves many living in the town without easily accessible services.

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