Punched to the ground — court hears from boxer John Marvin’s victims

VICTIMS of army boxer John Marvin had their statements read out in court today — but were spared giving evidence when their attacker changed his plea to guilty on the morning of his trial.

Lance Corporal Marvin, 27, was due to stand trial at the Isle of Wight Magistrates’ Court today (Thursday) but pleaded guilty to five assaults on four different women, and one count of criminal damage.

One of the victims was Marvin’s girlfriend at the time, Georgia Haywood. The couple have since split up.

The court heard how he turned on her, pushed her to the floor and trapped her leg in a door, which he then repeatedly shut against her leg.

She was left with several bruises, but he attacked her again shortly afterwards, in the street, knocking her and a friend out, and leaving her with a broken front tooth.

Her victim impact statement said the attack had left her in an anxious state and she now found it hard to trust people.

She said: “I was ashamed to show my face as I thought people would judge me.

“My front tooth will never be the same again and will cost a lot of money to fix. I was left with black and blue swollen legs, still swollen three months later.”

She felt she had to move out of her home, because of the memories, and out of Cowes because she was afraid of bumping into Marvin. However, Marvin has since moved house and now lives directly opposite Miss Haywood’s mother, which she described as ‘causing stress to my family’ and an example of him ‘showing very little remorse’.

She said: “One evening has changed my life in lots of ways. Hopefully I will move on and show other girls we do not have to live in fear.

“Lots of people have approached me and asked for advice on this subject.”

Another victim, Abigail Bright, was randomly attacked by Marvin on August 1.

She was walking away from a minor altercation with Miss Haywood, when Marvin grabbed her by the hair and pushed her to the ground.

Video of the assault was shown in court, and the gasps from onlookers in the street were clearly audible.

Her victim impact statement said: “I was pulled by my hair and thrown to the ground by a professional boxer.

“I had stitches to my left eyebrow which caused my head to swell and caused people to stare at me. It left me with a visible scar which still causes headaches.

“I am so angry. I did not know him and it makes me mad that he serves his country and is a boxer and he used his strength against me.

“He since saw me in the street and was laughing, so he has shown no remorse.”

Marvin will appear at the Isle of Wight Magistrates’ Court for sentencing on January 11.

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