New skin app hailed ‘life saver’ by Isle of Wight patient

A NEW app which speeds up patients’ skin care referrals — including suspected cancer cases — was hailed as a potential life-saver by a relieved Isle of Wight patient.

Nursing home worker Sandra Thompson was worried about a mole on her back and couldn’t believe the speed that what subsequently turned out to be a malignant melanoma was diagnosed and removed.

Sandra was fast-tracked after a nurse practitioner at her GP surgery sent photos of the mole via a new Dermicus app to dermatology consultants the day of her visit.

She had a biopsy eight days after her referral, her results 30 days from the date of the referral and the mole removed just four days later.

Sandra, 63, from Ryde, a patient at the Argyll House Surgery, said: “It was wonderful. It all happened so quickly and they took care of me so well. This could certainly be a life-saver.

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“When I went to my surgery for a blood pressure test I mentioned (the mole) and the nurse practitioner said she didn’t like the look of it because it had rough edges and different colours.

“Photos were taken and sent off to the consultant using the App, and within weeks I had the mole removed.

“I was told it was cancerous but they have now removed all the cancer cells, which is obviously very reassuring.”

The app, used by two GP practices last year — Argyll House and St Helens Medical Centre — has been rolled out across the Island and staff at every surgery have been trained in its use to benefit their patients.

The project has been shortlisted for a 2020 Health Service Journal award.

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