New Isle of Wight hospital Covid death

A person died in hospital after contracting Covid-19, on October 11, according to NHS data.

It means 176 people have now died at St Mary’s Hospital in Newport since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

New cases continue to be confirmed daily on the Island, with around 100 per day in recent weeks.

Yesterday (Tuesday), 102 cases were added to the Isle of Wight’s overall total.

Updates on hospital deaths and new Covid-19 cases are due later today.

The Isle of Wight’s rolling average rate of cases per 100,000 was 543.9 in the week to October 7.

The highest number of cases continue to be in school-aged children and those aged 25 to 49 years old.

On Tuesday, we reported three new deaths in the community, which means they were not on St Mary’s Hospital wards.

Since the start of the pandemic, 122 Islanders have died at locations that were not the Island’s hospital.

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