Mandatory Covid jabs sees vulnerable Ryde residents relocated

SOME vulnerable Ryde residents have been forced to leave their homes due to care home staff shortages arising from government-mandated Covid vaccines in the sector. 

The Isle of Wight Council has confirmed Ryde House Group has been left with no choice but to restrict operations temporarily.

It comes after government restrictions were imposed on care home staff to receive a Covid-19 vaccination.

On November 11, Covid vaccines were made mandatory for care home workers in England.

The government introduced them as a condition of deployment for all frontline health and social care workers.

The council said it was unfortunate, but not unexpected, that some staff would choose not to get vaccinated and leave the profession.

The local authority says a number of residents at Ryde House have now been relocated, with suitable alternative arrangements found to support their ongoing care needs.

“The council worked closely with all of our local providers, across the Island, leading up to November 11,” said a spokesperson for the council.

“We continue to do so, to ensure that vulnerable local people are safe and continue to receive the care and support that they need.

“Due to the impact of these restrictions, Ryde House Group has had no choice but to restrict operations temporarily.

“Working closely with residents, their families and Ryde House Group, the council is pleased to confirm that suitable alternative arrangements have been found for those residents affected, to support their ongoing care needs.

“It is hoped that this issue for Ryde House will be short term, and the council continues to work with all providers to find solutions to the pressures on the social care sector.”

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