Isle of Wight woman admits neglecting her newborn baby

A MOTHER has appeared in court charged with neglecting her baby.

The woman, who cannot be named, to protect the identity of her two children, admitted neglecting a child to cause unnecessary suffering or injury, when she appeared at the Isle of Wight Magistrates’ Court on Friday.

The 23-year-old’s baby was just a few weeks old on November 11 when a social worker reported the neglect.

Liz Miller, prosecuting, said the mother had not cared for the baby in a suitable manner.

She had taken the baby out without dressing her properly to protect her against the winter weather.

She hadn’t eaten properly herself, so she had no milk supply, but no milk formula either, and had no nappies with her.

The baby was soaked in urine, was cold, and was crying with hunger.

The court heard that in 2020, the woman had been given a caution for the same offence, for her other young child.

Keith Verrinder, for the woman, said she had since had both children taken away from her and placed with their maternal grandparents.

She suffers a variety of mental health problems including bipolar disorder.

He said: “She really could not cope, it was all too much, looking after two children including a newborn.

“She realises she was culpable but taking the baby to the social worker was a blessing, as she needed help.”

The magistrates order a pre-sentence probation report and adjourned the case for sentencing on April 19.

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