Isle of Wight teachers making 5 hour trip to London for strike rally

The County Press’ Zach Saunders is travelling with them to cover the events, which are expected to culminate in a rally at Trafalgar Square.

Around 50 teachers are on the coach travelling to the capital. 

“Despite an exhausting 5-hour journey each way, separated by a 4 hour walk and a rally, teachers are looking forward to sharing their local issues with teachers from other parts of the country”, Peter Shreeve, Assistant District Secretary of the National Education Union, said.

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“Even those who remain at work, along with pupils and parents overwhelming understand the need for action. During the first two days of action, stories of each individual’s working reality were shared.

“Staff from different schools working together reminds me of how it was, when I arrived here in 1999. An education system full of cooperation, collaboration and aspiration.”

Speakers at today’s demonstrations will include Dr Mary Bousted and Kevin Courtney of the NEU, Paul Nowak of TUC, and representatives of the RMT, BMA, and Green Party amongst others.

“Teachers do not want to go on strike – they want to be in the classroom, teaching and supporting youngsters”, Peter said.

“We regret this week’s action, but we know that parents and the public understand the gravity of the situation around school funding and teacher recruitment and retention. 

“The NEU awaits a reasonable offer from Government. Action can be paused while the offer is put to members.”

The government has always condemned the industrial action.

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