Isle of Wight Police stepping up patrols to tackle Newport ASB

ISLE of Wight Police say they will be stepping up patrols in Newport, in response to a recent spate of anti-social behaviour.

Residents and business owners alike have notified officers of an increase in anti-social behaviour by large groups of youngsters. 

“This week alone, we’ve had reports of thefts, assaults on other children, fighting and intimidation,” said a spokesperson for the force. 

“Members of this group have been laying in display beds, throwing stock around shops, and repeatedly threatening and harassing staff. 

“They have also stolen foodstuffs, eaten food in the supermarkets, and placed items back on shelves half-eaten.

“There is a core group of these individuals — approximately 30 — who cause the most disruption and ASB in the town. 

“We will be increasing our patrols to deal with this. 

“We will utilise our dispersal powers, powers of arrest, and out of court disposals if needed. 

“We are liaising closely with the Youth Offending Team, around how we deal with these children when we identify any offences. 

“If you have been subjected to any abuse or ASB by these individuals in the town centre, bus station, and Church Litten area, then please come forward and report online, as this gives us an idea of wider issues.

“We’ve seen footage recently of this group surrounding members of the public and shouting abuse, but the victims have not come forward. 

“Please report this.”

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