Isle of Wight MP Bob Seely should look at Tories’ Russian links

I wonder what advice and assurances might have been given privately to rich Russian oligarchs with regard to their ill-gotten gains squirrelled away in UK money markets, numerous UK company holdings and multi-million pound property empires?

I wonder what the Conservative Party chairman, who according to LBC radio’s James O’Brien owns a concierge company with around 50 lifestyle managers in Russia, and which until very recently boasted on its company website about the number of rich Russian oligarchs it has provided services to, is now advising clients?

Of course, Boris Johnson, in his usual inimitable style, has boasted about Britain being, yes you guessed it, ‘world-leading’, when it comes to imposing sanctions on Russia oligarchs who launder Putin’s dirty money.

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While behind the scenes it’s been reported that our Conservative government moved swiftly to write into new property regulation rules an 18-month loophole where Russian oligarchs can sell off their property in the UK and move assets abroad.

At the time of writing this letter, not one Russian oligarch has had their wealth ceased in the UK, not one.

Yet it only takes a matter of seconds to transfer money from a UK bank account to another banking safe haven elsewhere in the world.

Why the delay in applying sanctions? Why is it taking so long to place unexplained wealth orders on the numerous Russian oligarchs who have been granted fast-track visas and British citizenship by our government?

Might it be because didn’t arrive on our shores in an inflatable boat, but a multi-million pound yacht instead?

Many of these dubious individuals, of course, generously donate to our Conservative party.

By the time our laughable ‘world-beating’ sanctions are actioned, Vladimir Putin’s wealth will have been safely moved out of the UK.

One could be forgiven for believing the higher echelons of British society and our Conservative government are, and have been, in bed with the enemy so to speak, over many, many years, and are protected by senior players in our legal profession, leading accountancy firms and city banks.

The truth is Londongrad, and Westminster, are riddled with corruption, and have been for years.

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