Isle of Wight man in 60 admits being disgusting when drunk

A DRUNK Sandown man who kicked off after his mother turfed him out of the family home, was warned he came close to being jailed by Isle of Wight magistrates. 

Terry Lewis flouted a suspended sentence order (SSO) by admitting being drunk and disorderly on Westwood Road, Ryde, possessing cannabis and assaulting an emergency worker at Newport Police Station on October 29.

The day before, his elderly mother told him to leave the family home, then he drank alcohol.

Lewis’s mother called the police when he returned the next day, demanding to be let in.

On their arrival, police say Lewis, 62, of Avenue Road, was drunk and abusive, explained Siobhan Oxley, prosecuting, at the Isle of Wight Magistrates’ Court on Friday, November 18.

At Newport Police Station, Lewis hurt a detention officer by pushing his chest.

Lewis told police he had little memory of the incidents, except when he got angry after his mother “kicked him out”.

Cannabis seized from him was for his own use to help with combat mental health problems.

Lewis, who said “it did not end well”, was mortified by his behaviour — particularly towards police officers. 

Last year, Lewis was convicted of three assaults — including one against an emergency worker, for which he was handed a four-month SSO, together with possessing an offensive weapon and making threats with a billhook.

Lewis then breached the SSO, which was extended.

For Lewis, Amy Hosell, said her client was ashamed and that he had struggled with anxiety and depression after his wife took her own life.

“He’d given up. He bought alcohol to end his life. He was in a very dark place,” said Miss Hosell.

Magistrates also heard from Trevor Blaney, of the Pop-Up Soup Kitchen, Sandown, who rescued Lewis from homelessness and explained how Lewis detoxed in hospital following a seizure.

Lewis said: “I had one thing on my mind — to die. I know I’m disgusting when I drink, but I’ve put it behind me.”

Magistrates extended Lewis’s SSO to March 13, with a year’s probation, to include wearing an alcohol abstinence tag 120 days, with a £114 surcharge and £85 costs.  

When sentencing, magistrate Faye Seabourne told Lewis: “You came very close to losing your liberty.”

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