Isle of Wight couple find young fox in their home PHOTOS

Michael and Julie Robbins, members of the Isle of Wight County Press Camera Club, had an unexpected visitor to their home today (Tuesday), who decided to invite himself in unannounced.

Julie, at home when the young fox came in through the back, calmly took pictures without frightening off the normally timid animals.

She caught the fox snooping around in the garden room of their house — possibly scavenging for food, or maybe just out of curiosity — and posted them on the Isle of Wight County Press Camera Club Facebook page.

Foxes are generally very wary of people and will come into gardens during the day when they are looking for food or somewhere to rest.

On the Isle of Wight County Press Camera Club Facebook page, Michael posted: “Amazing visit from a young Fox, who came down the path and into our garden room.

“Never seen it before. My wife Julie took the photos.”

When Chris Wykes commented the fox did not appear to be afraid of people, Michael  replied: “We thought the same.” 

The RSPCA say foxes are not usually aggressive towards people or pets, but if a fox were to enter your home, do the following:

  • Close all doors, apart from one.
  • Use something with a long handle, such as a broom, to gently encourage the fox towards the door. It’s best if only one person does this and they should stay quiet and calm to help stop the fox from panicking more than necessary.

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