Isle of Wight cat missing for five months returned home VIDEO

Never give up, say the Isle of Wight owners of a cat who is safely home after five months.

In September, much-loved tabby Woody ran off when a road drill scared him.

His family thought he would soon return to his home, in the Cowes and Gurnard area, but he didn’t.

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“After two days, we began to worry,” owners Angela Stannett and Keith Pollard told the County Press.

Isle of Wight County Press: Woody the cat is home.

“We started to walk around looking for him.

“Then we asked the locals, then posters and social media.

“We got several possible sightings but nothing definite.

“We even put cameras up at possible spots and slept in the car, in the hope we would see him!”

In the months Woody was away, Island Roads, WightFibre, staff from Cowes and Gurnard businesses and caring friends and neighbours all helped to try to track Woody down.

Finally, just before Christmas, a tabby was spotted in the garden of a home.

Over a few weeks, he was gradually encouraged to sleep in the shed and was left with clothes that smelled of his family.

Eventually, after around five months away, Woody was caught and brought home.

“We were at home when we got the call we’d been waiting for,” said Angela and Keith.

“We rushed down to see this beautiful face looking back and then he cried and I knew it was him.

“He’s being treated like royalty now, and is loving being home with his brothers!”

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