Hosepipe ban for Isle of Wight not necessary says Southern Water

A ban has been put in place across parts of the UK, including in Kent and Sussex.

It has led to questions about the Island and whether one was needed here.

The utility firm has told the County Press water resources are in good shape at the moment, so no restrictions are anticipated.

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However, it said is is seeing extremely high levels of demand and is asking customers – both household and business – to use water wisely.

Recent hot weather has increased demand, it said.

And although reservoirs and groundwater sources are currently in a good position, it fears it could impact its ability to keep up with demand as it struggles to treat water fast enough.

It can also put added strain on pipes. 

In Kent, the firm warned demand was outstripping supply.

A hosepipe ban was last imposed on the Island in July 2022.

It was lifted in November 2022 after a period of torrential rain.

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