HMP Isle of Wight officers viciously attacked by rapist

A CONVICTED rapist serving a jail term at HMP Isle of Wight viciously attacked three prison officers in his cell, angered by the prison ‘causing problems’ over his Open University studies, an Island court was told.

Mark Wilkinson, 35, admitted three charges of assault by beating of prison officers, on May 3.

Trouble erupted after a female prison officer entered Wilkinson’s cell after he had deliberately blocked the obervation panel of his cell door, said Ann Smout, prosecuting, at the Isle of Wight Magistrates’ Court yesterday (Tuesday).

Three male officers, on entering the cell, were viciously attacked by Wilkinson.

He swung punches, bit, kicked and spat at all three officers. One was kicked in the face, one suffered a bite to his leg and one was headbutted, which caused concussion, and had his arm bitten, which drew blood.

Wilkinson — serving a lengthy jail term for two rapes — was ‘oiled up’, making if difficult to restrain him.

For Wilkinson, Barry Arnett said his client felt the prison had been “messing him about” over his Open University course, which made him angry and frustrated.

He said he blocked the panel to the cell door because an officer had been ‘smirking’ at him through it.

Wilkinson said he had ‘lost the plot’ and apologised.

He was handed a nine-week jail term, to run concurrently with his existing sentence, with a £128 surcharge.    

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