Nobody enjoys being a perpetual loser, so we always strive to win, even if it is a mundane argument. As a human, I do not think we can reach a stage where you bet on something or take part in a contest just to have fun or gain experience, because we get an adrenaline rush from competing and winning, especially when it is something that our opponent craves so much. 

As a serial bettor, you get an exhilarating feeling from placing the right bet, watch the competition unfold, and follow it till the end to know if you won or lost the bet. And when you end up winning, the feeling is indescribable, sometimes unexplainable because you feel multiple rushes of emotions. Most people do not know how to watch a game without having a stake in the game’s outcome, because you get passionate from watching a particular player throw a game that makes you lose money. 

Betting has the power to bring pure, raw, emotion into our lives in a way that many other things in life cannot. The feeling of being on edge while watching your stake dwindle has turned many bettors into gamblers because they cannot handle losses, so they use everything within their means to take up more games to win the money lost in the game. Betting has made many people go bankrupt, and destitute because they have failed at separating gambling from betting. 

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This article gives you a rundown of tricks that can help you become a better and more experienced sports bettor. 

Understanding The Terrain

To become a seasoned sports bettor, there are many things you need to learn along the way. When it comes to sports betting, information is never wasted and you have handy multiple sources to get it from. 

For instance, you can use free websites to check public betting trends, you can read articles and strategy guides from trusted betting sources online, you can research different betting systems using open betting platforms. Understanding the basics of NFL betting will give you confidence on how to place your bet and analyze the expected value before you place them. Not only that, but you also need to know all the terminologies used in sports betting, so you do not end up placing a dime stake on a game that is worth just a buck, it would be most painful when the team you placed the bet on loses because it means your money is gone. If you want to be good at something you need to know the lingo spoken and how it applies in each sports game. 

Having Betting Goals

Imagine being a sports bettor that stakes his money on a game and choosing the longest odds because that is what everyone at the betting center is doing, as much as betting is a game of luck or chance, you need to know what works for you as a bettor. 

As you know, many bettors have different bet styles and techniques and the sooner you decide which types of bets you prefer making that earn your maximum wins, the better for you to perfect your betting strategy within that particular sport and become a professional at it. You need to also decide whether you are in the game for the long haul or the occasional wins as this will help you streamline how you place your bet. 

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For instance, if you enjoy placing bets on which team makes it to the super bowl or wins the AFC or NFC championship, then you have to be a patient bettor as you will need to wait months but if you are only concerned about who wins away or home games, then you know you do not have to wait too long. When you know what you intend to get from placing a bet, then you can be strategic on how your bet or money to stake on the game. 

Avoiding Personal Biases

Avid sports bettors began their career as loyal sports fans and have allegiance to sports teams. However, if you want to become better at sports betting, you need to keep personal biases away when placing a bet; it is advisable that you desist from placing a bet on your favorite team if your loyalty would cloud your judgment. 

A seasoned bettor has to be rational and measured in sports betting, else you could lose your money because of your own poor decisions beclouded by personal biases. 

For instance, you know quite well that your favorite team is in bad form on the pitch during a particular season but still went ahead to place winning odds on their games when available data shows that their opponent is in the best of forms, in this case, you are putting yourself and money at risk if you cannot avoid being bias when making investment decisions because that is what sports betting is. 

Bet On What You Know

It is not a bad thing to be known as a professional bettor in a particular sport if you are good at it. Though avoid personal biases, be able to use the knowledge you have about your favorite sport or team to your advantage. 

Use the sports you know and enjoy watching to provide information that will improve your winning streak when you place your sporting bets on their home or away game. If you know nothing about horse racing, do not let the fact that you can make money from placing bets on horse racing convince you to go and place your money on a sport that you know little to nothing about. 

Many sports bettors have had a good run playing home turf bets but once they diversify to other games, they begin recording huge losses. Know what you want to bet on before you stake money on it, that is how you become better at placing bets that work to your advantage and earn you more money. 

Knowing Your Risk Tolerance Level

This is something that all sports bettors fail to acknowledge, everyone has a breaking point and the earlier you know yours, the better for you. What is your risk tolerance level? Know this and you are on your way to being a better bettor. This 

You will come across bettors that enjoy making smaller profits, so they do not stake too much on games, they enjoy playing the buck games more than placing dime bets because they do not have the risk tolerance level required to play high stakes games with more money. Some bettors enjoy betting on heavy favorites and welcoming short odds, that is what their risk-tolerant looks like as a sport better.

Some bettors have a risk tolerance level that makes them think strategically and exercise patience as they have a long-term view for players or teams that can give them high winning streaks, so they spend a lot of their time and bankroll in the futures marketplace. Knowing your risk tolerance level makes you a better bettor because you know to pull out of the game when things are not looking too well.

Keeping Records

The most experienced bettor keeps a tab on the games that made or marred them, which is why it is important to keep a stellar record of the bets that you place throughout your career as a bettor. It is not fun to keep records of your losses but when you do, you would be able to avoid making the same mistake twice. 

If you want to be better at placing a bet, you need to keep records, so you can know what went wrong at your ends and make amends. There are times when you will lose bets even if you have done everything right but you need to make a note of it, so you can avoid such bets in the future, that is the hallmark of accountability and getting better at what you do. 

Setting A Budget

Betting is addictive. When something gives you an indescribable feeling, it is easy for you to get lost in it to an extent where you spiral out of control. The best way to keep yourself in check is by setting a budget and sticking to it. Setting the budget makes you satisfy your betting urge without getting too high or low. 

You can decide to set aside a particular amount of money for sport betting every month, win or lose, you follow through by making sure you do not pass this amount. Though this will cap your potential winnings but would still give you a higher percentage of returning some money to you. 

For instance, when you decide that you would not spend more than $500 on betting for the month, and spread out the bets that you place, that way, you do not lose all your money to sport betting at once and you still get to learn why you could not win from the buck bet you placed on that horse racing game too and get better at placing winning bet using same odds.

Having Realistic Expectations

One thing you cannot take away from sports betting is that it makes you a better thinker when you lose consecutively. A popular sports betting blog revealed that successful “sharp” wins 54% of the time and a historically great “sharp” wins at around a 60% clip, these are the best sports bettors in the entire world. However, as a sports bettor, when you decide to achieve these numbers at the jump or over an extended period is a tall order. 

Also, as a sports bettor, when you are recording huge wins from placing bets on a particular game and decide to go all-in, even borrow more money and place the same bet but using the longest odds, you could lose all your money within the blink of an eye and go into debt. Be realistic, do not deviate from the strategy and methods that made you win 10 games in a row, you only need to perfect your strategy and you would become the king of winning odds. 

Relating With The Community

This cannot be overemphasized when it comes to sports betting, you could learn a lot from networking with other sports bettors. There are online forums where sports bettors frequent, subscribe to it, go for physical games where you will meet other enthusiasts. Being within the community could help you improve your knowledge of sports betting and games. 

Sports bettors are keen on sharing knowledge, so if you want to learn about new sporting games that you want to start placing bets on, the best way to get firsthand knowledge is tapping into the betting community that serves that particular game, trust me, you will get valuable knowledge that you can build on and become a better and experienced bettor in that game. 

Also, you get to swap sports betting strategies with your buddies and in a situation when they have played a particular game and lost money, you can easily note it in your records as a game to avoid. Being part of the sports betting community is synonymous with having a life-back testing session for sports betting, that way you learn from their mistakes and avoid making it when you stake similar games. 

The most important thing about sports betting is that you are supposed to have fun while at it, the adrenaline of learning about a game, deciding on the type you want to place on it, and trying to use a budget to keep yourself in check. Sports betting is something you can get better at when you can move beyond your bias when placing your bets and learning from your past loss and mistakes. Knowing the handy tips above, you’re now one step closer to becoming a better and experienced bettor.

While you are working to get better at being a bettor, do not forget that the hallmark of it all is being able to secure maximum wins from either short odds, long odds, or banking on future marketplaces. 

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