The Isle of Wight Green Party has publically released their future vision document, which details the platform that Green Party candidates will be standing on for the May elections, and beyond.

Entitled ‘For Our Future’, the document outlines five key areas which Green candidates at Town, Parish, and County levels will be campaigning on in the coming weeks: the local economy, the community, recovery, education, and the environment.

Issues featured in the document include the party’s focus on supporting local businesses, Council Tax spending, housing development, and building resilience in the Island’s recovery from the coronavirus pandemic.

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Other topics covered include:

  • Securing an Isle of Wight trial of a Universal Basic Income, to include carers, volunteers, and the self-employed
  • Appointing a ‘rewilding officer’ to coordinate schemes to grow essential habitats for wildlife, and to develop the Island’s Biosphere status
  • An Islandwide ‘laptops for students’ scheme to refurbish unwanted tech hardware and ensure that all young Islanders can extend their learning outside of school hours
  • Explore a designated site for ‘flexi-schooling’ such as the proposals by the community in Chillerton
  • Develop a network of new cycle paths for residents, tourists, families, and commuters to get around the Island safely

Cameron Palin, Green Party candidate for Osborne said:

“Over the last four years we have seen a Conservative Council that has completely lacked ambition and innovation. Our Green vision “For Our Future” gives a new approach with polices that have environmental, economic and social justice at their core.

“Going Green not only benefits the environment, but our local economy and the pockets of Islanders too. Voting Green is a positive choice which an increasing number of Islanders are choosing to make.”

Green Party chair, Vix Lowthion, said:

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“In 2017 we had the best results ever for the Isle of Wight Green Party in local council elections, with more Green voters than both the Labour Party and the Liberal Democrats. Now in 2021 we have a truly outstanding list of candidates standing across the Island on the strongest platform for change.

“A vote for the Green candidates on May 6th will be a vote for a positive and resilient future. It is a real team effort!”

The full list of Green Party candidates will be released next week.

Island Echo