Fire crew rescue Jack Russell stuck under large rock

A FIRE crew rescued a Jack Russell terrier after it got stuck under a huge rock on the sea wall.

The adventurous dog got into difficulty at Seagrove Bay, near Gully Road, Seaview, this afternoon.

A crew from Ryde Fire Station used a hydraulic spreader and hydraulic ram to move the rocks to free the dog.

The call came in to the fire service from the dog’s concerned owners at 5.24pm, but they were first referred to the RSPCA, as is routine at first with animal rescues.

Once it became apparent that machinery would need to be used to free the dog from its tricky position, the fire crew attended the scene, at 6.43pm.

By 7.08pm, the incident was over and the dog was safely handed over to the vet in attendance, for a health check.

The dog was freed in good time before the tide came in.

Coastguard crews from Bembridge and Ventnor went to assist, but the fire service said in the end, they weren’t needed.

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