Cross Street & Union Road in Ryde was closed last night (Thursday) from George Street to Union Street for emergency BT works.

Union Street is unaffected and remains open as normal with access from Lind Street.

Cross Street from its junction with George Street to its junction with Union Street for a distance of 94.00 metres.

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Union Road from its junction with Cross Street for approx 35metres north.

This is to enable BT Openreach to access required underground BT structure to restore service – No structural changes. Work being carried out on existing BT Plant. Customers out of service.

The diversion will affect these streets: George Street, Star Street, High Street, Green Street, West Street, Lind Street

Diversion route(s) will be signed at the time of closure. Reasonable facilities will be provided to allow access to adjacent premises while the road is closed.

From 18:00 hours on 11th February 2021, for a maximum period of five days or until the works are complete, whichever is sooner.

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If you have any queries regarding the above please contact Island Roads on 01983 822440.

Copies of all traffic orders may be viewed on the public notices website isleofwight.roadworks.org.

* Please note that the closure period of the order stated above is for legal reasons. In most scenarios, works are normally completed much sooner than the 5 or 21-day order. However, if the works do overrun, a new, updated order will be issued and published on Island Echo. 

Planned works

For all the latest public notices, which includes planned road closures, traffic & travel information, head over to our dedicated Traffic & Travel page. 

The Temporary Traffic Regulations Order (TTRO) page is updated weekly with the latest temporary traffic orders from Island Roads on behalf of the Isle of Wight Council. 

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