Aircraft carrier HMS Prince of Wales medical transfer off Isle of Wight

ISLANDERS spotted aircraft carrier HMS Prince of Wales off the Isle of Wight as she departed Portsmouth.

One of the most powerful surface warships ever constructed in the UK, her flight deck is 70m wide and 280m long — enough space for three football pitches.

HMS Prince of Wales departed 24 hours ahead of her older sister HMS Queen Elizabeth.

While Queen Elizabeth is now fully operational, her 65,000-tonne younger sister has trials and tests to now complete.

The journey took an unexpected turn when, just before 7.45pm, a medical transfer was required for a casualty onboard.

The Coastguard helicopter from Lee on Solent carried out a medical transfer from the carrier, which was south of St Catherine’s Point, Niton, to Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth.

Picture by David Ralph of the Isle of Wight County Press Camera Club.

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